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In the three years we have together, we create long last memories and relationships. Every orchestra ensemble has it's own personality, sound, energy, and impact on our program and school. Without the leadership of our 8th graders, it is difficult to set-up a culture of continual musical progress as they set the bar for our program. The step into high school is a big one, so our orchestra program ensures that you're ready to take one high school and follow your path of success, whether it be music or not!


Class of 2022

This class persevered through so many obstacles to through middle school and receive distinguished ratings their final year. 7th grade year was spent during NTI which kept them from performing together. So proud they pushed through those are times!



Coming off of their distinguished rating in 2020, that would be the last time this group would perform together due to COVID. They had a slow start in 6th grade, had to rebuild in 7th grade, then got put to NTI for the rest of their middle school career! Although they experienced orchestra through NTI, we kept 100% retention, and every student is enrolled in their HS orchestra. They will be more than prepared coming into their freshmen year!



This class had to endure what most programs do not have to; having a different orchestra teacher every year of middle school. That did not stop them. They spent this year building well beyond where they started and by March, playing high school literature and receiving straight distinguished at district assessment. I'm going to miss the super diverse personalities, ridiculous laughes, great soloists, and hearing them perform musicality beyond their years, truthfully. I'm sorry we didn't get more time together, but I'm thankful for the time we got.

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