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I'm so thankful that you have invested into your child, the experience of music and orchestra. Your involvement and support for your child in the performing arts can be challenging at times as a parent, especially if you were never a musician. Your leap of faith in me does not go unnoticed. I promise to teach your child(ren) to the best of the my ability every day. This page is for you to have quick resources regarding our orchestra program!

*Note: If your child is enrolling into orchestra in the fall as a 6th grade student, please be sure to visit our "About" section!*

Donating Money


No program can function without money. I know it can sometimes be a sensitive topic, but hard conversations only make us stronger. Our orchestra has a flat $40 classroom fee (fee waiver exempt) but any extra will help. We have fundraisers throughout the year, but only receive a percentage of what we sell. All cash and checks are acceptable; checks made to "Ramsey Orchestra". 

The items listed below help make our program function and wear out very quickly. This is just to give you an idea of where our money is mostly put toward. Necessity items we use every day with cost:

  • Sheet Music - $50/$60 per piece of music

  • String Sets PER instrument- Violin ($60), Viola ($80), Cello ($120), Bass ($180).

  • New Bows (Replace every three years) - $30-$80 each.

  • Should Rests for Violin and Viola - $15/$20 each

  • Endpin Holders for Cello and Bass - $15/$20 each

  • School Owned Method Books - $10 each

  • End of the year awards - $800-$1,000

  • Yearly Instrument Repairs - $300-$600

Parked School Buses


Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of our parents, with every contribution going towards making Ramsey Orchestra an even better for our students than it already is. We always need help setting-up for concerts, chaperones for field trips, running donations at concerts, etc. More importantly, you're making a difference in your child's life. 

Please see our "Contact" page to reach out and find ways that you can get involved in our program!



The Hard Truth

No organization can function without money. Our students try their hardest to catalog fundraise through our vendor, Bumblebee Fundraising, but we only make a curtain percentage of every item sold. Our finances are directed toward sheet music, method books, instrumental accessories (such as rosin (we never have enough), shoulder rests, strings, bows, endpin holders, etc.), instrument repairs, and more. It is completely tax deductible to donate directly we receive full profit!

Donating Money


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